Fabrication and Machining

Our state of the art 3 axis CNC machining center has a travel capacity of 40 inches in the X direction, 20 inches in the Y direction and 20 inches in the Z direction allowing large parts to be machined to tolerances as small as .0002 inch. The machine also utilizes a 20 tool capacity automatic tool changer. The milling head alone is powered by a 20 horsepower motor. The table is capable of traveling at as much as 1000 inches per minute. These features as well as offline programming and large capacity program storage allow us to be very efficient and productive.

  • Joining our large machining center is a smaller version that has many of the same features as the larger machine. This machine gives us the added capacity and ability to manufacture parts on a very quick turn around time and maintain the quality provided by CNC machines.
  • We also utilize manual vertical and horizontal mill machines.
  • Turning is accomplished on any of 3 lathes that give us the ability to turn parts as large as 40 inches in diameter. All machines have digital readouts in all directions providing accurately machined parts.
  • Internal keying is done on our automatic keyseater or by use of a broach.
  • Cutting is done on our fully automatic saw, cutoff saw, or bandsaw.
  • A surface grinder is used to achieve near perfect flatness or squareness when required.


Welding is done by any of several processes that include Oxyactylene (gas), SMAW (stick ac and dc), GMAW (mig), and FCAW (flux core mig). A welding positioner helps assure that the best position for each weld is used.



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