Quadax valves offer many advantages over competing valves. The fully enclosed disc design means less shaft deflection. The option of an all-metal laminated seal ring allows operation in oxygen applications where graphite is not permissible. The all-metal laminated seal ring is also well suited for applications in which wet steam or entrained particles are moving at high velocity. Quadax is the only manufacturer to offer the options of laminated disc seals, a self-energized Inconel o-ring seal or a solid PTFE o-ring seal.

Quadax valves offer zero leakage even in extreme hot or cold conditions, and are resistant to solids and dirt. Quadax meets the needs of many applications, whether the requirement is an on/off valve, modulating valve, manual operated or automated. Up to 40” sizes and pressure classes of to 1500# are available.

Quadax Four-Offset Butterfly Valves

The Quadax four-offset butterfly valve is a patented design butterfly valve with all the qualities of the proven triple offset butterfly valves with unique features that offer significant advantages:

  • Less wear
  • Lower torque
  • Higher Cv
  • Unique seal options

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