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Masoneilan is a world-class provider of automated process control solutions and applications.  Masoneilan has a network of service and repair facilities around the world to support every need. Services are available day or night covering on-site support, spare parts, and equipment maintenance programs. For well over a century Masoneilan has been synonymous with innovation, leading technology and responsiveness to market needs.

Masoneilan is known for reliable products like the 41005 Series Cage-Guided Globe Valve, SVI® II ESD, SVI® II AP and FVPTM instruments. Also have a line of software, ValVue®, ValVue® ESD and OVD® that provides high performance digital process control and safety with value added benefits.

Masoneilan Control Valve products are used worldwide to keep Power Stations operating, Refineries generating fuel, Food & Beverage plants producing essentials for our households, and even Pulp & Paper plants that are in desperate need to keep toilet paper on distributors shelves! Masoneilan’s Globe Valves can handle a wide variety of process control applications. There are with many optional packages available that can help reduce noise, vibration and contain cavitation.

  • Masoneilan 21000 Series: heavy top-guided globe valve for a wide range of automated process control applications. The 21000 Series product line features a single-ported design configuration, which permits numerous trim, actuation, and instrumentation solutions 
  • Masoneilan 41000 Series: heavy-duty control valves with higher allowable pressure drops. Masoneilan 41005 Series heavy duty control valve features balanced trim configurations. This product line offers efficient and stable operation under demanding process conditions, including applications with high-pressure drops and large temperature variations. Optional features include noise attenuation trim, anti-cavitation designs, and various balance seal options to meet a wide range of pressure and temperature requirements

Masoneilan’s Severe Service Valves are uniquely designed to operate reliably in tough environments. These valves are highly engineered and specifically designed for applications with large mass flow rates and high differential pressures.



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