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Thermal Instrument is a manufacturer of mass flow meters that offer accurate, repeatable, and dependable measurements of liquids and gases for both industrial and environmental processes. Thermal Instrument has been manufacturing thermal mass flow meters for more than 50+ years and continues to put that experience to work for our customers.

Our Mass Flow Meters continue to be solutions for: Landfills, GHG Emissions, Flare Gas, Natural Gas Measurement, Pollution Control, Petrochemical, Chemical Processing, Measuring Hydrogen Gas, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Semi-Conductor Manufacturing, Sub-Metering of clean process gases, and Power / Utility.

Why should you use a Thermal Instrument Mass Flow Meter?

  • Unobstructed path of our Model 600 for negligible pressure drop
  • Versatility of our Model 62 Insertion Probe for multiple process connections and applications
  • Excellent Turndown (100:1) for wide-ranging flow
  • Repeatable Results
  • Accurately Measure Flow, Total Flow, and Temperature
  • Rugged Construction – Stainless Steel, Hastelloy C, Tantalum, and other materials with available protective coatings

All of our in-line Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Flow Switches provide reliable, accurate flow measurement with no obstructions to the actual flow path. Our internal sensing circuit does not come into direct contact with the flow stream and are completely protected from any adverse process conditions. We utilize this technology across our product lines from in-line, to insertion probes, to our flow switches.

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