Whipps, Inc.

Founded in 1977, Whipps manufactures water control gates of the highest quality and highest performance. Products include:

  • Stainless Steel Gates
  • Aluminum Gates
  • Stop Logs
  • Stop Gates
  • Flap Gates
  • Telescoping Valves
  • Specialty Products:
    • Mud Valves
    • Shear Gates
    • Butterfly Valves
    • Trash Screens
    • Tilting Weirs

For additional information or to request specification sheets, please contact us by calling 800.500.8889 or click here.


Toll Free: 800.500.8889
Local Call: 859.525.9890
Fax Number: 859.525.9891
Email: sales@trivaco.com
Panel Shop Sales Email: TPAorders@trivaco.com

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Please note: Due to the terms of contract agreements with certain manufacturers, not all products are available in all geographic areas or markets. For additional information on any of TRIVACO's products or services please contact your local representative or call 800.500.8889.

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