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Linear and Rotary Control Valves

masoneilanThe Trivaco selection of linear control valves includes quality valves from  Masoneilan, one of the industry’s most trusted names. These linear control valves are engineered and manufactured for outstanding performance in a wide range of applications. Trivaco offer you the benefit of our extensive experience in valve applications to compliment our linear control valve offering.

Masoneilan offers a complete line of control valve solutions, including universal, high pressure anti-cavitation, high performance globe style, high capacity control ball and heavy duty reliability control valves. Our digital valve positioners deliver reliable control valve operations, with simple setup and commissioning.

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High Pressure, Anti-Cavitation Control ValvesHigh Pressure, Anti-Cavitation Control Valves For more than 25 years, the Masoneilan LincolnLog® has been the premier solution for high pressure liquid letdown applications designed for pressure drops up to 450 bar (6500 psi).


Advanced and Scalable HART Positioning and Control SolutionsAdvanced and Scalable HART Positioning and Control Solutions The SVI® II AP digital valve positioner delivers reliable control valve operations with simple setup and commissioning. Offering one-model-fits-all configuratbility for both rotary and reciprocating applications, it is an ideal fit for scalable hardware/firmware platforms.


Universal Control ValveUniversal Control Valve The original “universal” rotary control valve, the 35002 Series Camflex® valve features a low-friction eccentric plug design. It provides excellent throttling control within an extremely compact assembly.


High Performance Globe Style Control ValveHigh Performance Globe Style Control Valve The 21000 Series Heavy top-guided globe valve design features noise attenuation and anti-cavitation trim options. It is the most versatile single-ported control valve on the market today.


High Capacity Control BallHigh Capacity Control Ball The 36005 Series V-Max® heavy-duty valve is an automated throttling control ball valve with patented dual characterized segmented ball design. The V-Max features a low-friction ball valve design, which includes a low torque seal and splined shaft for precise throttling control.


Heavy-Duty ReliabilityHeavy-Duty Reliability The Masoneilan 41005 Series cage-guided globe valve is designed with balanced trim configurations. This product line is engineered to efficiently handle demanding process conditions including applications with high-pressure drops and large temperature variations.


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